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•Factor markets.

11 pages; *Not Including Title and reference*; APA; Double-spaced 12pt

Title: AMAZON Company Analysis

****One page Executive Summary***

•The company, company background, industry (computer, financial, et cetera), and industry structure (for example, oligopoly, or monopolistic competition).

•If and how the company is regulated. (For example, does it fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA?)

•Factor markets.

•Global pressures and foreign competition.

•Cost structure. (For example, is it fixed versus variable?)

•Associated ethical issues.

•Economies of scope and scale


1. An introduction to the company and its industry.

2. Include relevant background information.

3. Describe the organizational structure.

AMAZON Economics

1. Analyze the current economic environment of the company and industry.

2. Explain how things such as tax rates, unemployment, and government fiscal policies have affected the company’s economic decisions.

3. Explain the role of the Central Bank in the economic environment.

AMAZON Global Presence

1. Analyze the company’s global presence.

2. Describe the global economic climate the company is operating in.

3. Explain how things such as free trade, trade barriers, Basel III, and/or NAFTA have affected the company’s economic decisions.

4. Analyze the economic implications of operating in different market and industry structures.

5. Explain the role of ethics and regulatory considerations in operating globally.

AMAZON Macroeconomics

1. Explain how macroeconomic principles, models, and tools created value for the organization.

2. Explain how macroeconomic principles, theories, policies, and tools affected strategy development within the organization.

3. In other words, what macroeconomic principles, theories, policies, and tools do you see at work within the company, driving the economic decisions and strategy development?

Maximizing Long-term

1. Recommend strategies (based in macroeconomic principles, theories, models, and tools) the company could adopt to successfully maximize long-term profits.


1. 1 paragraph summation

2. Includes a long-term outlook for the company.

Reference Page: 5 scholarly needed