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Explain the difference between performance management and performance appraisals and discuss the components of a performance management process. How does performance management provide strategic value to the organization? Share an example of an employee performance goal that is aligned with an organizational performance need.Explain how performance feedback can be delivered to motivate employees and enhance performance. Discuss some strategies for managing poor performance and how and when you would use development plans to improve performance issues.ReferenceCommunication and Performance FeedbackHeathfield (2019). How to Provide Feedback that Helps Employees ImproveLucas (2019). How to Provide Constructive Feedback to Develop Employee SkillsLeonard (2018). What is Performance Feedback?Performance DevelopmentHeathfield (2020). Performance Development PlanningOtt (nd). 3 Reasons Why Performance Development Wins in the WorkplacePerformance Issues and Improvement PlansMayhew (nd). Handling and Documenting Employee Performance IssuesHeathfield (2019). Performance Improvement StrategiesHeathfield (2019). How to Manage an Employee Whose Performance is a ChallengeRecommended readingHeathfield (2018). Use Performance ManagementSmith (2018). Communication: The Feedback SandwichHeathfield (2019). Performance Improvement PlansJones (2016). Why Next Generation Performance Management is the Way of the FutureJones (2016). The Look and Feel of Next Generation Performance ManagementBacal (nd) “Diagnosing Performance Problems” (HTML) The Performance Management and Appraisal Resource Center . Retrieved from (Short article discussing the seven factors that can influence or determine the level of performance)Heathfield (2019). Help Your Employees Develop Their Strengths – Not Their WeaknessesHeathfield (2019). Coaching Tips for HR ProfessionalsHeathfield (2019). Steps to Create a Career Development PlanHeathfield (2019). How to Develop a Balanced Scorecard as a Performance Management ToolHeathfield (2020). How Great Managers Motivate their EmployeesLumen Learning (nd). Goal-Setting Theory Retrieved from (2019). Tips to Help You Prepare for Difficult Workplace Conversations