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a business

a business

Part 1: one paragraph or more

Allen is an employee of StuffMart. When Allen was hired, StuffMart was in a jam to get more workers, so it did not do a background check. Allen works in the stockroom and collects grocery carts in the store’s parking lot. One day Allen is furious because of an argument with his wife and takes out his anger with the grocery carts.  He slams them together forcefully, rams some into the cart holding area, and purposely pushes a cart into a customer (who was near the cart area) causing injury to the customer.  The customer sues StuffMart. You review the facts and Allen’s employment file. Since there was no background check, you order one and find that Allen does not have a criminal record.

Applying concepts of agency law, discuss StuffMart’s liability


Part 2: One paragraph or more

Most everyone has had a thought of owning a business or buying a franchise.  Pretend you are starting your own small business. After explore the business resources on your Secretary of State’s website. Based upon your readings and research:

What name will you use for your business?  Conduct a “name” search for your business on the Secretary of State’s website.  Share with the class your findings.

What type of business entity will you elect?  Explain why.  If you elect a sole proprietorship, explain how personal liability is not an issue/concern.

What did you learn from the Secretary of State’s website that will help you get your business started?

Provide a link to the Secretary of State’s website at the end of your discussion.