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A Case Study on Education Strategies


In this Assignment, you will plan communication and education strategies for the technology you have decided to implement.

Required Reading

  • Mayhall, R. (2009). Writing a Communications Plan. This web page offers simple steps for creating a coherent communications plan.
  • Schultz N.W. (1999, April). Personality Traits and Willingness to Try Educational Technology.
    (~1 page)

    This study examined whether one’s willingness to try new educational technologies could be predicted by personality traits and factors. Although it is a traditional academic paper, it is worth the effort. There are also links to an online assessment of how you rate on the “Big Five Personality Factors” (see: “Rate Your Traits”), and to the scale used in the assessment (see: “Take the Scale!”).

  • Bahe E. (2005). Organizational Change: Managing Transition – Part 2.
    (~10 pages)

    This paper explores how one of the toughest management challenges all managers face during the change process is overcoming resistance to change.


  1. Complete the section “Communication plan” in the project plan template document.
  2. Post this section of your project to the course Forum.
    Note that in Module 7 you’ll compile this and the other sections of the project plan into a single, coherent proposal. By then you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of how the work done in this Module fits into the bigger picture, and can revise accordingly.
  3. Review at least two peer submissions and comment constructively by reflecting on differences between their projects and yours. Reflect especially about the extent that the previously explored themes of organizational culture, structure, and indeed emotional IQ all affect how peers are planning to communicate their intended implementation plan.