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A Case Study on Religious Censorship


Religious Censorship

Religious censorship is something that is not allowed in some religions to perform. Most religions don’t have common practices and due to that, there are differences in beliefs in religions. Everyone around the world follows religion and those people who have no belief in anything consider as “Atheists”.

In addition, following a belief that you are born with is the most common between people, a newborn follows whatever he/she sees their parents to perform. However, these days youth changing their religion because they believe on whatever they think is correct to continue their life. The ratio of changing religion in youth is increasing over past three years.

There are many people who believes that they can live their life as they want without any restriction or anything that stops them. Most of the people say that religion values don’t let them to do such thing that they desire for that’s why they left their religion. This is quite weird thought, sometimes I also question myself that I can’t do this because of religion values. I told myself you can’t even try to drink alcohol because it prohibited in my religion. Then I asked “why”? I can’t do that. I get an answered that your faith is not strong. You don’t believe in something with a clear heart.

Furthermore, all religion teaches good moral values to live life, it is us people who create difference in our religion and change it the way we want to live. As a Muslim, I believe in one God. I do have follow five pillars of Islam to live a good life as a Muslim. I do interact with different people who performed different religions, which build curiosity in me to learn more and gain knowledge on different religion such as Christian, Jewish, Hindu etc. These religions teach people to do good deeds and stay away from bad habits. No religion, gives an order to create problems, such as killing innocent people, or hurting someone. But these it is hard to see that how people blame such religion for certain issues. I do respect all religion and values every religion teaches. Whenever I heard a shooting news in T.V I don’t say “oh that must be Muslim. Hindu or Christian” I immediately thought about those people who lost their lives in shooting. To survive in this world peacefully, I believe we need to respect everyone religion and their values don’t judge people by their appearance or their attire.