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A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf

Beowulf is a really complicated piece of Old English literary works that many students and literary lovers find challenging to analyze. However, this post of a summary of the complexities in Beowulf helps readers to understand right now. The post assists any individual that has difficulty understanding the story of Beowulf or only seeks a fast summary for the sake of saving time. Are you ready to go back 1500 years to a time packed with magic and acts of valour, dragons, hostile giants and treasure? Leap right in!

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General Information


Beowulf is an Old English epic poem portraying the life and accomplishments of Beowulf. He is an epic warrior that conquers monsters and helps people in need throughout the story. Beowulf is considered to be among one of the most significant pieces of Old English literary works. It has 3,182 alliterative lines that do not make use of rhymes, but rather alliteration as a primary literary tool to create a sense of unity and rhythm.


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The poem was more than likely developed between the years 975 and 1025 and had no title. The events that occur in the poem occurred in the 6th century when Anglo-Saxon tribes began migrating to England. Later in history, scholars suggested naming the poem Beowulf, after the main character. The poem integrates historical events, fiction and components of different Anglo-Saxon legends. There are no other works of literature that discuss Beowulf or can validate his existence; therefore, the character is thought to be mainly imaginary. Even though there is some ancient proof that the locations and events in Beowulf were real, such as the mead hall, the different kings, and specific battles and people, there is no mention of Beowulf himself.

Similarly, its worth noting that parts of the poem have events and styles comparable to various Danish and Scandinavian tales and legends.

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Summary of Beowulf

Over the duration of the poem, Beowulf experiences three significant beasts and battles them. We will look at each of them as various milestones of his life and efficiency as a good commander and warrior.


First Battle

Hrothgar and his warriors are terrorized by Grendel, a huge beast, possibly an ogre or a giant. Grendel can not stand pleasure and happiness, he hates celebrations. He has actually been visiting Heorot, a castle that Hrothgar constructed for himself and his warriors, for the past 12 years. Grendel penalizes people for having a good time and celebrating. He eats and eliminates Hrothgar’s men every single day, bringing horror and destruction to Heorot.

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Grendel

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Grendel


Years ago Heorot rescued a man from a terrible death. This male ended up being Beowulf’s father, Ecgtheow. As quickly as Beowulf hears about Heorot’s problem, he sets out in addition to 14 of his men to leave Geatland and help Hrothgar combat Grendel. Beowulf promises splendour to Hygelac, the king of Geats, and plans to return triumphant.

When Beowulf and his men get here to Heorot, they rate by Hrothgar’s men, they consume and eat a lot, appreciating their feast. During the celebration, one thane, a warrior of Hrothgar named Unferth, tries to mock Beowulf for his loss in a swimming contest that took place years prior to. Unferth states that Beowulf does not stand a chance against the well-known monster Grendel. Beowulf rejects his misconception and explains that he simply got lost in the endless sea and went the opposite way of his opponent. On his way back to land he slaughtered nine sea beasts.

When every person falls asleep after the celebration, Grendel comes to Heorot. He first strikes the mead-hall, eliminating among the Geats, Beowulf’s men. After that, Grendel attempts to exterminate and eat Beowulf but fails. Rather, Beowulf grips Grendel’s arm with the strength of 30 men and tears it off his body completely from his shoulder. Gravely hurt, Grendel leaves the mead hall. Beowulf receives appreciation for his success from all the men. In his glory, he hangs Grendel’s claw off the ceiling.

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Second Battle

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf the second battle with Grendels mother

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf The second battle with Grendels mother

After defeating the beast, every person celebrates Beowulf and his enduring men. They play music, delight in tasty food, and consume alcohol a whole lot. Hrothgar and his better half Wealhteow feel much indebted to Beowulf for his task, so they present him a gold collar. Everybody sleeps after a wonderful feast reasoning that they are no more in danger with Grendel under the assumption that he is dead now.

Their calmness and sleep are disturbed by Grendel’s mother, the water witch. She comes furiously to take revenge for her child and kill Beowulf. She snatches Grendel’s arm off the ceiling and abducts one of Hrothgar’s men named Aeschere, while everybody, including Beowulf, is sound asleep.
early the next morning, they leave Heorot to look for Grendel’s mother. While looking for her tracks, they stumble upon Aeschere’s head on a lofty hill. They comply with the lead, and Beowulf enters a deep dark cave where he locates Grendel’s mother. She drags him to the bottom of the lake, where their battle starts. Beowulf is invulnerable to her strikes due to the fact that his sword’s power shields him. Weland, the fabulous smith wrought this sword.

Although, it is weak to injure Grendel’s mother. Beowulf sees an additional sword in the cave, snatches it and punctures it through her, puncturing her spine and neck. Her blood thaws the sword and radiates a brilliant beam that lights up the cavern. Beowulf finds a wonderful treasure concealed within, however, he decides to leave it behind.

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Third Battle

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Beowulf versus the Dragon

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Beowulf versus the Dragon


After yet another success, Beowulf and his men go back to Geatland. Hygelac, the king of Geats, and his boy were eliminated in battle and currently, Beowulf is crowned to be the new king, who reigns a peaceful era lasting half a century.

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Beowulf and his men

A Summary of Complexities in Beowulf Beowulf and his men


One day, this peace gets disrupted by one more monster. This time a huge fire-breathing dragon. The dragon is angry because a negligent thief took a goblet out of the treasure it had been protecting for ages. The dragon begins spreading horror all over Geatland, burning houses and eliminating its innocent inhabitants. Beowulf gathers a team of his 11 bravest warriors in addition to the thief who knows where the dragon lives and prepares to battle the monster. The dragon looks horror and all of Beowulf’s men run away from the battlefield. The only one who remains with Beowulf is his most faithful warrior Wiglaf. He holds to his beliefs and safeguards his king in this unequal battle. With the help of each other, Beowulf and Wiglaf defeat the dragon.

Regrettably, Beowulf does not survive the fight because of an injury and his country’s wounds. His passing away wish is to leave his kingdom to Wiglaf– the benefit he should have for sticking to his king despite the scenarios and horrors.


Wiglaf becomes the new king, and the people of Geatland celebrate Beowulf. They also celebrate his success by holding a massive ritualistic procession committed to his funeral service. They construct a large barrow for holding his ashes, as his other dying desire was to be cremated. The barrow also holds plentiful prizes to suggest Beowulf’s relevance. Another passing away dream of Beowulf’s was for the area of his funeral to be seen from the sea for everybody to see that passes by. The barrow is built by the seashore to ensure that every seafarer and ship have the possibility to look over Beowulf’s cliff and pay respect to him.

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