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academic discipline to a specific text

Reading Response

There will be two reading response papers this term. Each will be a response to a

different article or text that will be distributed to you. Your job is to provide a very brief

summary, analysis, and evaluation. We can define these important concepts as follows:

 Summary- A formal, logical, consistent way of highlighting the main points.

o Purpose:

 In school- to quickly and accurately describe something you have read

 In professional life- to provide a faster-to-read version of the material to

other readers

 In personal life- to reflect as accurately as possible on people, events, and

one’s memories of them.

 Analysis- A taking apart of something to show its parts or pieces, often using a special

system, theory, or set of theories.

o Purpose:

 In school- to think more about a subject and/or to apply the methods of an

academic discipline to a specific text

 In professional life- to apply a system or idea to a specific situation so that

others understand how to use something

 In personal life- to examine one’s own thoughts, actions, and motives

rom a varietylogically and consistently f of perspectives.

 Evaluation- A judgment of the value of a text to society or the quality of the way it is

argued or organized.

o Purpose:

 In school- to show how well or poorly something has been done, or its

effects on others beyond its main ideas

 In professional life- to help decide who to hire, how well people are doing,

and the quality and style of your own work

 In personal life- to look not so much at the contents of one’s own thinking

and acting, but rather at the quality and value of that thinking and acting.

Each response should be no less than 500 words and no more than 750 words. You should

provide in-text citations (APA style) and a reference page (APA style).