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Account Alerts -Trade Activity Thesis


Requirement Form
Account Manager JIRA WE
Firm Contact & IBD Number PROJECT TITLE:
agreement singed Product Manager
Targeted Publishing Date Project Manager
Development Type REQUIREMENT Status Additional Options Notes ID Development Type REQUIREMENT Complete Additional Options Notes
Site Page New or Existing Client Please Select REQ-001
Subscription Research: Markets Please Select Please Select REQ-002
Subscription Research: Markets – Quotes Delayed Please Select REQ-003
Subscription Research: Markets – Quotes Realtime Please Select REQ-004
Account Alerts -Trade, Activity, Margin Call and Holdings Please Select REQ-005
Site URL Name Please complete URL Site: We normally use the convention of https://<IBD NAME> for most firms. NOTE: Cannot be the same URL as other sites that are in production. Domain: This is determined by the (or PAS – We will automatically choose this based on whether PAS or not. REQ-006
Logo – .jpg, .png, .gif (min 200x50px): Please insert image Logo uploaded to JIRA WE REQ-007
Background Image – Pre-log in page 1440 * 620 @72DPI. Please insert image 08-02-21 – Image provided and loaded into JIRA WE REQ-008
Color Palette IBD proivded colours 1. Primary Navigation 2. Secondary Navigation 3. Accent Colors (buttons) Please complete Color palette (will be able to review in the Site Builder Tool) or hex code values for primary, secondary navigation and accent colors (buttons) Example: Color choices and placement REQ-009
Description of the Site Please complete This is your site’s description that will be for your reference in case you create more than one site – not visible to end customer REQ-010
Site Ttle Please complete Site Title: This will be the title of the pre-login landing page. Web browsers will display the title at the top of the browser window or tab – visible to end customer REQ-011
Free Text Areas Pleas complete REQ-012
About Us Please complete 300 character maximum REQ-013
Contact Us Please complete 300 character maximum REQ-014
Trading – Equities/ETFs Please Select REQ-015
Trading – Mutual Funds Please Select REQ-016
Trading – Options Please Select REQ-017
Trading – 529s Please Select REQ-018
Asset Movement – ACH Please Select REQ-019
Asset Movement – Set up standing instructions Please Select REQ-020
Account Performance -UGL on Summary Page Please Select REQ-021
Account Performance -Valuation Over Time Please Select REQ-022
Account Performance -Account Performance Gainers/Losers Please Select REQ-023
Research Content – Screens in Research Please Select REQ-024
Research Content – “Funds Like” Component in Research Please Select REQ-025