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achievement of your research objectives

PowerPoint business
  • Try to make it visual, not a lot of text, just the most relevant content.
  • Try to display the most relevant elements, and keep the secondary ones for your explanations.
  • You can structure it however you need to follow your explanations (you can start thinking about five main parts: Background, Research Question, Methodology, Data collection, Findings & Conclusions).
  • Try to highlight the information that supports the achievement of your research objectives and also the information that supports your conclusions.
  • A good exercise of the personal reflection is detecting the weak and the strong points of your work.
  • Advice: Do not “copy and paste” the written dissertation. Panel members have had the chance to read it and wish to verify that students can identify key issues.
  • Students are advised to rehearse the presentation to ensure it is within the time limits established; if it overruns the set time, the Committee has the right to terminate the presentation, and important concluding comments may not be allowed.