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adolescent TV shows and impacts thesis





MM100 Exam 3


**Please carefully read the directions before you start this exam.**


This exam is worth 100 points (10 percent of your semester grade). There are 25 short answer questions and each one is worth 4 points. Use complete sentences and bold key terms from your textbook of PowerPoint lectures. You will also want to cite where you found the key term right after the term. It will look like this: You will use key terms (p. X) to complete Exam 1. Using key terms (PPT Chapter X) demonstrates that you understand the course material. Failure to use, bold, and cite key terms will result in a grade deduction.


Your exam is due to be submitted to dropbox on D2L by the deadline in the class schedule. Late exams will NOT be accepted.


For the short answer questions, please TYPE your answer clearly using a standard font like Times New Roman or Calibri, so I have no trouble reading it.


**You may NOT copy and paste your answers straight from the book or PowerPoint slides. Your answers need to be in your own words to receive points.**


Lastly, let me just remind you that all the answers to the questions come from the book or the PowerPoint lectures. If you Google the answer, you’ll end up with the wrong one. I know this because a lot of students have tried this in previous semesters and they always end up with WRONG answers to several of the questions. I could tell those answers didn’t come from what we talked about in class but were “Googled” instead.


Short Answer:

For each question below, answer the question in 1 or 2 sentences. These questions are worth 5 points each. THESE ARE NOT ESSAY QUESTIONS SO KEEP YOUR ANSWERS BRIEF AND GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.


1. You are an expert on the media in general and you teach media classes at a local university so people often turn to you for insights about issues or events in the media.


One morning, you learn that a group of teenage girls (Sarah, Jessica, Leslie and Kimberly, all age 12) who attended your town’s local middle school murdered one of their classmates (Jana, age 12) and then committed suicide together in the woods behind the middle school’s football field. The police determined that it was a murder-suicide based on the evidence left behind.


Everyone in your town is stunned. Who could ever believe that these girls would do such a terrible thing? The authorities begin to investigate these girls’ home lives and school lives to figure out the motive for such a thing. Police find all the girls had unrestricted access to Netflix and Sarah, Jessica, Leslie, and Kimberly had all watched adolescent TV shows such as Pretty Little LiarsGossip Girl, and 13 Reasons Why. These girls had also been very active on social media and their Facebook profiles show many private messages back and forth among the group about their hatred for Jana. The authorities also discover several text messages from Sarah to Jana telling her things like “You should just die.” Upon investigating Sarah, Jessica, Leslie, and Kimberly’s online search histories, police also show that they looked up ways of committing suicide several times over the last few months.