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Advice a future student

Describe time management concerns in college and identify effective steps for proper time managementIn the module, Goal Setting and Time Management, we discuss different time management styles in Your Use of Time, from both the positive and negative perspectives. Which style are you? Take a minute to complete the interactive exercise to determine whether you are an Early Bird, The Balancing Act, The Pressure Cooker, or The Improviser.Using your cell phone or any other recording device, create a short video advising a fellow student who shares your time management style. You don’t have to edit or create a professional-grade film. You’ve most likely have done this type of recording already on social media, so use the same informal conversational tone. If you are unable to record, please write a letter.Think of your audience as a fellow students who is interested to learn about time-management. For instance, if you like to get things done as soon as possible, write to a fellow early bird. If you need a bit of help on what to write about, address the following:What is your time-management style?What are your strengths?What are your challenges?What are your tips for success? In other words, what advice would you give to this student?