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An Entrepreneur is a person who identifies and starts a business venture, 

In this assignment you need to write





Part 1

An Entrepreneur is a person who identifies and starts a business venture,

sources and organizes the required resources,

and takes both the risks and rewards

associated with the venture. Who is Steve Jobs his background and so on


Select an ‘entrepreneur’ and analyse their entrepreneurial journey, from the conception of the initial idea through to start-up & ‘growth’. You need to make some table i will provide in example

Part 2

Endogenous (Internal) factors for his success


Internal locus of control – Individuals who believe themselves to be in control of their own destiny

External locus of control – People who believe that their lives are dominated by chance events outside their own control or powerful people i.e. “fate” controls their destiny.

Also need to make some tables, explain is he more intelegent or more creative, his attributes.

Entrepreneurs are at the Centre of so many activities; so they may be specialists in one area, but they have to be generalists.

Need to make the table which shows the strong spheres of Steve Jobs, for example he was good in marketing, i also will give example of table which you need to make. here also need to explain is he more right thinking procces or left (also i will give the table)

Most entrepreneurs seem more right-brained than left – though this is a generalization and most entrepreneurs have left brain characteristics as well. Then here also need to explain who is entrepreneur, is he more promoter or inventor( i will show the table as well) actually i have example how to do this, you just need to follow the format.

Even in the Reasons For Starting A Business, there are exogenous factors 

here also you need to explain factors, example Steve Jobs start his bussines because he wanted recogniton, to make people know him

Entrepreneurs do one of these three (Endogenous)
But these trends, problems and the gap is exogenous.
If these had not existed, the business would not have been born.

Example is findind gaps in market place, Steve Jobs was born in right time when computers was not so good, and he was born in US the place where he can make his dream come true

The right person at the right place at the right time

Entrepreneurial Jigsaw

Need to make puzzle


Entrepreneuial character,

Business culture

in the midle of the puzzle  wiil be


Business decisions


Company strengths 

Part 4(The secrets of Entrepreneurial success)

The assignment is 3000 words, need to make at least 10 references