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This is for discussion


In this, our first week together you are invited to write about a personal experience of an “Ethical Dilemma”.  You can choose the situation and the company / organization to include in your description.  When describing your situation you should AVOID RANTING, rather construct your tale using terminology you learned from Week 1 Reading Material.  YOU MUST INCLUDE AND PROPERLY REFERENCE WEEK 1 CONCEPTS AND TERMS IN YOUR INITIAL POST. Your Discussion post must address these questions.

  • Was your dilemma a legal issue? Why or why not.
  • Was your dilemma an ethical issue?  Why or why not.
  • Describe the nature of the conflict in terms of facts of the situation. Include a description of the parties in conflict. (NO SPECIFIC NAMES OR ORGANIZATION NAMES PLEASE)
  • Propose possible arguments that may have contributed to the dilemma, considering values, facts and reasoning.