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An Organizational Change Thesis

Review and discuss the learning points of other members of the class. Respond individually to at least two other classmates’ posts and compare their list with your own list.

Reply to at least two classmates outside of your own initial post.

Peer One:

What must any leader know in order to lead an organizational change effort effectively?

Taking into consideration everything that I have learned in this course about organizational change and the steps needed to make change successful, I believe that Kotter’s eight steps are absolutely key to that process. Therefore, in order to lead an organizational change effort effectively, any leader must know the importance of the following steps: (1) assessing your organization’s readiness for the change effort by using assessment surveys, talking to employees and managers, and identifying any hurdles,

(2) creating a sense of urgency for the need for change within the organization and the importance of acting immediately,

(3) the need for a guiding team that has strong “leadership capabilities, credibility, communications ability, analytical skills, and shares a sense of urgency,”

(4) clarifying a vision for the future and how that can be made a reality,

(5) making sure everyone knows and accepts the vision and strategy through communication that allows for feedback,

(6) removing barriers and empowering others so that innovation can happen,

(7) producing short-term wins and celebrating them quickly and efficiently,

(8) pressing hard and fast after those successes,

(9) helping the organization and its people hold to the new ways of behaving until they become “the way things are done”,”

(10) creating and supporting ongoing group meetings and discussions where people can share their experiences, ideas, and concerns (Cohen, 2005).

Ultimately, thoroughly knowing, understanding, and successfully implementing Kotter’s eight steps will help ensure that change efforts are successful for an organization in the way that it takes a potentially discombobulated and overwhelming process and makes it specific and intentional.


Cohen, Dan. (2005). The Heart of Change Field Guide. Deloitte Development LLC.