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Analysis strategy and firm performance

BSG Final Paper

The paper is to be an analysis of your strategy and firm performance.

Section 1: What is your firm’s strategy? What were your top priorities? How did this guide your approach to the simulator?

Our firm pursued a combination of strategies, which include both global differentiation and focus strategy and we made moves based on previous industry trends. We agreed on pursuing whatever opportunities look most promising based on the competition that arises.

In the beginning, the top priority was to differentiate from the other companies by being able to dominate three out of four markets which are: North America, Europe-Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We concentrated heavily on three markets so that we could start out strong and take as much market share as possible.

We started differentiating ourselves from other competitors by continuously expanding our product line and increasing the S/Q rating. We increased our number of models/styles to a maximum of 500 and invested more in Enhanced styling/ features in order to offer our customers a variety of high-quality choices and match their demand. In addition, we also focused on investing more in our brand marketing both for internet and wholesale segments, and we targeted the private-label market since there was a huge demand that wasn’t being met.

In Year 14, we managed to hold one of the largest market shares of the industry and we also decided to enter the Latin American market in order to increase our Image Rating. We also succeeded in increasing the market share and becoming the market leader in the high-end sneaker market with one of the largest product lines.

We were looking to become the “Nike” or “Adidas” in this industry but as previously mentioned, we would have to shift this strategy if it was needed. In years 15-17, we continuously worked toward being the market leader in the high-end sneaker market by focusing more on a differentiation strategy.

However, in years 18-19, we had to change our strategy for two of the geographic regions which are North America and Europe Africa. We focused on a budget-based strategy and we were not charging premium prices for these two regions.

Nevertheless, we still continued to focus on differentiation and price premium strategy for the Latin America and the Asia Pacific markets while still spending a considerable amount on marketing.