CTU Health Information Governance Discussion
September 15, 2020
Mini-Strategy (4 Slide Powerpoint)
September 15, 2020

Analyze Midland Energy Resources Case

This is a case that needs to be analyzed in details. Complete the following1) Read the case critically; 2) Read the helpful tips contained in the file “Midland Case_computations; 3) Analyze the case making sure to answer the questions listed in the file “Midland Energy_questions” (attached). Two major deleverables are needed- I) A factsheet – word document, 2) a Powerpoint presentation for the assigned case. The Power Point presentation should be at least 10 slides which provides analysis of the case and the team’s recommendation. The fact sheet should follow the following guidelines below:

standard 1″ margins

 single-spacing (text)

 double-spacing between paragraphs

 no paragraph indentation (left justified)

 size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text

 italicized or bold font for section headings


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