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Now that you’ve identified the NIKE organization’s SWOT (attached), you need to determine the project and its objectives and metrics. This project should be based on an unmet opportunity for the organization, or to minimize a potential threat. What does the organization need to do to advance its goals and/or expand its competitive advantage? How will you measure their progress?

Use the Balanced Scorecard Template (attached) to:

  • Create at least 3 measurable project objectives for each quadrant of the scorecard based on your analysis.
  • Determine targets, timelines, and metrics for each objective.

Explain the following in 350-525 words on the Balanced Score Card Template:

  • Why these objectives are appropriate for the project.
  • Why these metrics and timelines are appropriate for your strategic plan.

Important: This requires more than a top-of-mind listing of objectives. Research is necessary  to determine reasonable objectives based on industry standards or benchmarks.

Cite all sources following APA guidelines. You must use a minimum of 2 sources (1 may be the text readings) with at least 1 source being peer reviewed.