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appliance department thesis

appliance department thesis


A Heated Conversation

A Big Box store has advertised their end-of-the-year blowout sale on washer/dryer combos. The store buzzes with customers weaving in and out of the appliance department. Green-vested employees race up and down the aisles trying to meet and greet the customers.

Customer Charlie stands in front of a long row of washer/dryers and thinks, “I’m going to need a tech wizard to teach me how to use these!” Feeling overwhelmed, Customer Charlie sees an employee passing by and asks for help.

“Excuse me?” Customer Charlie asks, reading the employee’s name tag, “Emerson?”


Customer Charlie steps back and asks, “Can you help me? I have some questions about these washer/dryer combos.”

“All of the details are listed right there,” Employee Emerson says, pointing to a laminated sign taped to the dryer’s glass door.

Customer Charlie looks at a frowning Employee Emerson, “I see that, but I don’t understand—”

“Look. Two part-timers called in sick,” Employee Emerson says, “And I was supposed to have the day off to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. You can go online and chat with one of our experts. Do you have our app?”

“No. I’m sorry I don’t,” Customer Charlie says, “My laundry room’s flooded, the washer shredded my best shirt, and my dryer ate all my socks.”

Employee Emerson sighs as another customer cuts into the conversation, “Excuse me! I have been waiting and waiting. Do you have this one in stock?”

Customer Charlie grits his teeth as Employee Emerson tells the customer, “Did you check our website? If it says this store has it in stock, then yes, we do.”

“I’m standing right here,” Customer Charlie says, “I need to buy a new washer/dryer, this will be an easy sale for you. Can’t you just answer my questions?”

Employee Emerson scans the appliance department. Seeing only customers and no other green- vested employees. Employee Emerson thinks to himself, “I wish I didn’t have to deal with these annoying customers!”.