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Approaches on lists of theories


I.R.A. Journal #2 – Review Chapters: 8-14

Part A: Create a personal top ten list of theories, approaches, or issues you found most valuable personally from the course readings (rank-ordered from best (#1)to least good (#10). Include a brief description of each theory, approach, or issue, and include the relevant chapter from the text.  300 words

Part B: For you, top list item (#1)create a 500-word journal entry (note, you cannot use Blue Skys, SERVQUAL, or CRM for your journal entry):

a)Insights: Three descriptive bullet points that represent your understanding of the meaning, nature, and application of your item. (cite the text in APA format where appropriate.)

b)Resources: Find two additional resources such as a journal article, website, book, etc. that support your insight and give a brief description of how it supports your insight. (Cite and reference these in APA).

c)Application: A paragraph that relates your insight and resource to an example of how you could apply it to your future practice.