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Article Review

An article review provides an analysis of a scholarly publication. The review should describe the item’s content and argument(s) and discuss its strengths and weaknesses as well as the accuracies and inaccuracies of the article. A person who has not read (or seen) the item should be able to decide from what you have written whether or not he/she wants to read the article.The article is to be a minimum of 800 words and written using proper 6th ed. APA style for in text citations and references and should include a title page. Article reviews contain other academic references used for fact checking. A minimum of 3 additional references should be used to support your review. You may paraphrase the article but no direct quotes are allowed.The article you review must cover a Forensic Discipline and should be from a scholarly journal or publication such as:? American Journal of Criminal Justice? FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin? Forensic Examiner? Journal of Forensic Identification? Journal of Forensic Sciences? Law & Order? Narcotics Enforcement & Prevention DigestPlease only pick from what is listed above!!!Link to an example of an article review should look like.