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Assignment + Reflective+ Outline on Critical thinking

Read and annotate pages 253-266.  Complete the following questions1.  What does it mean to say that a plant has been genetically “modified” or :engineered”?  What is the New Leaf Superior potato able to do as a result of being genetically modified?2.  Unlike Europe where produce that is genetically modified is clearly indicated on the label, people in the United States have no idea whether food they are eating has been genetically modified.   Why are Europeans so concerned? Why isn’t our produce clearly labelled?3.  Rank in order what your preferences would be (if you knew what you were eating by clear labelling) and explain your reasoning.Plants grown using traditional farming methods with repeated applications of pesticidesGenetically modified plantsOrganically grown plantsReflective questions :Think about people who you know whom you admiire as expert thinkers and list some of the qualities these people exhibit that you believe qualify them as “critical thinkers.  For each critical thinking quality, write down an example involving the person.Finally :outline for my assignment