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Balinese traditional designs Thesis


Final project Institution: SNHU

Student’s name: Megan George Date: 1/19/22




! The presentation focus on the manufacture of women’s apparel.

! The products will be based on the traits of the target population.

! Each of the products is to be designed and developed to match the needs of the target market.



Target market characteristics and relevance to apparel

! Middle to high-class women: affects the pricing strategy.

! They have diverse occupations: Product mix and design.

! The like making purchases that connect them to mother earth: affects design and branding.

! Embrace sustainable fashion: determines the levels of design



Apparel for the summer and spring.

! There are different designs depending on the most preferred apparel.



Product mix for the apparel collection

! Available in different designs and sizes.



Balinese female apparel merchandise

! Clothes and apparel are to be arranged based on prices.

! The shelves used are made of Balinese traditional designs.

! Based on the average height of Balinese women, the shelves and containers are not very high to make it more accessible by the target customers.



Sales planning for the apparel collection

! Each product will be offered in distinct prices. ! Sales are to be made on cash basis for b2c basis and credit basis for

b2b arrangements. ! Sales reps will be selected from the Balinese people



Role as a marketer

! There are marketing strategies to use in developing an effective marketing strategy.

! Branding should take into consideration the predominant colors used in Bali.

! Value-based pricing and premium pricing strategy can be used in setting prices (Kienzler, 2018).

! Market surveys should be conducted regularly.



Role as a buyer

! Buy product based on the prevailing need.

! Purchase apparel that is most valuable based on the price.

! Buy the most appealing apparel.




! Ardini, N. W., Astuti, N. N. S., Darmayuda, I. K., Armoni, N. L. E., & Sumerjana, K. (2018). Issues in the Relationships among Balinese Pop Music, Tourists, and the Tourism Industry. International Journal of Applied Sciences in Tourism and Events, 2(1), 80.

! Kienzler, M. (2018). Value-based pricing and cognitive biases: An overview for business markets. Industrial Marketing Management, 68, 86-94.