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Benefits of foreign direct investment

FDI Flows Exploration

In this lesson, we looked at foreign direct investment and the benefits and issues it can bring for both the business and the host country.

In this exploration you are going to be examining the impact of FDI flows on the political and economic development of a country. You are going to select one country and obtain the fact sheet for that country from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Website.

This sheet shows the inflow of FDI and the outflow of FDI for that country. It will also break down the FDI by industry. Your task is to analyze that data and, using course theory, consider the impact the FDI in-/outflows have on that country’s political and economic development.

You are expected to use course theory in your response, and you can feel free to supplement your answer with other sources as well. Many other authoritative websites, such as the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have information on FDI flows by country.

  • For your initial post please consider the following questions:
    • What country did you select, and do they have a lot of FDI flows?
    • What do you feel the impact of the FDI flow is (or would be) on the country?
    • Did anything surprise you about the FDI inflows or outflows for the country?
  • Your initial post should be between 300 and 500 words.
  • You need to research for this assignment. All source material must be cited and cited using APA citations (this is the standard for the business discipline; if you are unfamiliar with how to cite or how to cite using APA, please see the information in the optional Credo Information Literacy module under the Modules tab).