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Business Case for Calibration Thesis

Company Name

Student Name





Share details about your fictional company here. Things to consider are industry, product types, size of company, how long the company has been around, etc.…

Business Case for Calibration

Sell the need for the calibration system to the management team here. To comply with customer and applicable standards such as ISO 9001 or AS9100 can be a reason. But what are other reasons to adopt a calibration system?

Gauges (Summary)

List 15 to 20 gauge types here. These will be gauge that your fictional company will be calibrating.

Gauge type 1

Detail how this gage will be calibrated

What is the frequency?

Is it done internally or externally?

Reaction plan if found out of tolerance.

Include a picture of the gauge.

Estimated annual cost.



Continue with new slides for each 15-20 gauge type from previous slide.

Closing Summary



<Sources to be listed here in APA format>