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Business Development Manger




While selecting the guiding coalition team, it is essential to consider three major aspects, including composition, trust level and common goals across the team members. Based on the organizational chart and the employee personas, the list of individuals with the most appropriate characteristics for the change initiative plan includes:

· Juanita Gonzalez – Business Development Manger

· John Martensson – Research Director

· Leslie Krupp – Sales Representative

· Elaine Hartwick – Acting Director


Juanita Gonzalez: Juanita is the organization’s Business Development Manager. She does not manage any individual since no one reports to her. Juanita has been in the organization for two years since joining the workforce. Most importantly, she influences the organization’s relationships with potential clients and arranges for the organization’s sales executives’ appointments. She also helps find potential and new opportunities while researching for the organization’s leads. Juanita is a potential guiding coalition member mostly because she is an extremely intelligent manager. Besides, she has been rated high regarding productive rate and motivating others. Although she has never engaged in any acquisition before, she has experience working in a completely reorganized entity. As such, she has some skills and experience in the organizational change process. Her intelligence helped to locate and establish an effective relationship with the potential buyers who could offer the organization a good profit after the acquisition. Moreover, since successive changes depend on each member’s contributions, she will help motivate other team members during the implementation process to achieve the common goal of all stakeholders.

John Martensson: John is the organization’s Research Director. He manages three people who report to him to have the final decisions. John has been in the organization for twenty-two years and has been rated high regarding his job satisfaction over the period. He particularly influences the entity’s research and development department. Following his characteristics of commitment, he is capable of engaging in the company’s projects to ensure they successfully obtain the intended goals and objectives. Also, based on his long experience in the company, he will help to oversee the entity’s data collection and analysis to evaluate the overall value and price it can be sold. His effectiveness can be measured by the high rated score in job satisfaction he has shown over the years.

Leslie Krupp: Leslie is the organization’s sales representative. She has been working in the organization for fourteen years, with her score in job satisfaction reading relatively high. She is responsible for influencing sales for the company by selling products and services either directly or indirectly to the clients. Leslie has the characteristic of maintaining consistency in her sales targets and has shown the capability of surpassing her quotas every quarter. She has an average score in job satisfaction, indicating her commitment and competency in her assignments. Also, throughout her career life, she has dealt with numerous changes meaning she knows what is needed for a successive organizational change. Leslie will play the role of engaging and persuading prospects to buy the organization.

Elaine Hartwick: Elaine is the organization’s acting director, and she manages one person who reports to her. She has been working in the organization for ten years, where she has scored relatively high in job satisfaction. She influences the management of the organization’s business and essential affairs. She is also responsible for ensuring the organization’s workforce is offered an effective and efficient workplace environment. She is a true visionary, an essential aspect of the organizational change strategic plan. She is also a strong leader, especially when organizational changes concern. Her experience in the organization also proves her expertise in the leadership field. Moreover, she was recently promoted, as indicated by her two years since the last promotion, proving her credibility in the organization’s change. She will lead the guiding coalition in the change implementation process to its completion with her leadership skills. He will help to ensure that the team members have the best working condition while implementing the organizational changes. It will help inspire and motivate the team members by complementing their good work performance.

Team-Building Strategies

One of the strategies I will use is holding regular corporate retreats. During the implementation process, the organization leader needs to accomplish team members’ mental and physical well-being while engaging in their respective tasks (Fapohunda, 2013). This will help keep the members motivated and socially close to each other to share ideas on how they can increase the organization’s value to obtain high profit. Besides, the leader should encourage and enhance effective communication and collaboration among the members. The team should communicate their findings in real-time and collaborate to improve the entity’s value and find the potential buyer who will generate more profit for the stakeholders.

One step to consider in building a sense of urgency is building a culture of urgency prior to its requirement. The problems or issues surrounding the organization’s sales should be curbed before they erupt beyond its control. Also, the guiding coalition members should be well educated concerning the rationale for the urgency (Maximin, 2015). The organization leadership should clearly state the rationale or reasons for selling the organization to the stakeholders. Then, it should focus on empowering the members to deliver their best performance by motivating them with the appropriate workplace, wage and employee benefits (Kotter, 2018). In essence, engaging employees in decision-making and effectively communicating the organization’s intentions and objectives will help improve their performances. They feel belonging to the company, which will then boost their morale to offer their best outcomes.