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Business law

Chapter 15The U.S. Constitution and the commerce clause grant certain regulatory powers and authority to the Federal, State and Local government. Administrative agencies perform the regulatory function. These functions include rule making along with adjudicating, advising and investigations with regard to their rules.Chapter 16What is antitrust law? Antitrust law is actually anti-anti-competition law. These laws have outlawed combinations or contracts which restrain trade [result in restraint of trade]. An example would be competitors who conspire or agree to fix prices. Fixing prices is anti-competition. Fixing prices interferes with or restrains trade and competition. The law also outlaws monopoly and provides for remedies which break up monopolies.Chapter 15 – The Regulatory ProcessChapter 16 – Antitrust LawsCase brief: Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 130 S.Ct. 3138 (2010)Post to Discussion Board one (1) webliography assignment from Chapters 15 and 16.