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business law

Bronsen acquired a biblical manuscript in 1955.  In 1962, he told his sister Lila that he wanted Oklahoma A&M University to have this manuscript.  He dictated a note so stating and placed it with the manuscript.  He made some effort to have an officer of the college come for the manuscript.  In 1966, he delivered the manuscript to his sister, stating that he was afraid someone would steal it.  Later in the year, he told a third person that he was going to give the manuscript to the university.  In 1967, Bronsen was declared incompetent.  In 1969, his sister delivered the manuscript to the university.  In April 1970, Bronsen died, and his heirs sued the officers of the university to have title to the manuscript determined.  Decide if title passed from Bronsen to the university.  Discuss the relevant rules of law. ?around 150 words?