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business law

Question 1 (100 points) Discuss the pros and cons of the production and sale of vaping products as a business.  Identify the potential ethical issues and how you resolve them, examine from the viewpoint of the business manufacturer/retailer/distributor and from the consumer (and parents if consumers are a minor).  Discuss the legislative measures some states are taking to prevent or limit this product and how you feel about it.  Provide examples of similar ethical dilemmas in a business and how the business decision makers handled it.  Use cited concepts from the textbook and cite any other sources used to defend your analysis.Question 2 (100 points) Discuss Business and the Environment.  Provide an example of a current environmental and legal and/or ethical dilemma. How much of the responsibility for the environment falls on business?  What about the consumer/end user?  What about international business and differing environmental standards?  Justify, explain and defend your answer.Question 3 (50 points) Find a current event (within the last 2 years) about private business legal or ethical issue and brief it and discuss using the IRAC method as we’ve practiced in Discussion and Homework.