CMIT 421 assignment 2
September 16, 2020
Analyzing the Statement of Cash Flows, homework help
September 16, 2020

Case Analysis -(Project Management)

Case Analysis Instructions: (See attachment)

Please read the case materials of “A Not-for-Profit Medical Research Center” on Page 134-135 (Chapter 4), and answer case questions on Page 136, Page 194 (Q4. Bar Chart is not necessary) and Page 233. All “Group activity” are not required.

You may refer to the syllabus for the format of case reports. Basically, you will have a summary, introduction, and your answers to the questions.

Instructions on the syllabus:

1) Abstract (a brief summary of analysis and your recommendations).

2) Body of case analysis: logically organized as you see fit considering the facts of the case. Be sure to include graphics and other exhibits to communicate your points effectively.

3) Summary and recommendations: What should have been done in this case? How can the key metrics be improved through the application of your recommendations? What are the obstacles to implementation and how will you counter them as a PM team? Be sure to support your recommendations with concrete data and justify using logical arguments.

4) References: for cited material in body of case analysis (required) and any suggested readings (optional).

5) Appendices (optional): Any data, tables, articles, and other materials you deem helpful to understanding


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