SWOT analysis Assignment 2- Learning Activities, management homework help
September 15, 2020
assignment on ethics, management homework help
September 15, 2020

Case study

  1. Situation Analysis (Some of the cases are long. The summary cannot be longer than 2 pages.)
    1. Summarize the case in your own words.  
    2. Make sure you pull out the key elements of the case.
  2. Alternative Solutions (must have a minimum of 3)
    1. Advantages (minimum of 3)
    2. Disadvantages (minimum of 3)
  3. Recommendation and Justification
    1. Which alternative do you think is the most viable and why?  (this should be about 1 page) It must come from the 3 you have chosen as alternative solutions
  1. No bullet points or numbering should be utilized. This is an essay style paper.


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