MGT 411 Global Business Plan
September 14, 2020
Annotated Bibliography Prompt
September 14, 2020

chapter questions / case study

1. High school athletic department is my subject after you choose your sports organizations develop the following

a. mission statement

b one goal

c. two objectives for that goal

d. two tactics for each objective

e. the roles for each tactic

2. Second job the pictures goes with this question

The player in Nabozny vs Barnhill also violated traditional notions of fair play due to his unnecessary roughness. Do you agree with the following statement made in the case. The glue between opponents is the element of fair play. It is an ethical question whether to choose to follow the stipulations of fair play between well matched opponents following established rules and customs or to allow the behemoth of winning at all cost to prevail. It this proposition also applicable to youth sports.


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