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Chinese physician studies

The Chinese physician studies numerous herbs and herbal remedies either used to maintain health or to bring an ill person back into balance or a healthy state once again. He may use other modalities such as exercise, usually some form of Chi Kung, acupuncture/acupressure, massage, and as will be emphasized here; diet and nutrition. In the Chinese medical system there was hardly ever a need for surgery with most illnesses, unless an emergency arose. In fact, centuries ago, the Chinese did not have a deep understanding of anatomy as we do in the west, but used the Meridians or energy pathways along the body.

We now know from modern physics that our material form is nothing but a vibrating and swirling mass of energy and it not solid at all, as we might perceive through our senses. These meridian pathways should transport subtle substances from one organ system to another in a continuous, unobstructed and perfectly energized flow. But this can only be if we live a balanced, emotionally satisfied life, eating the right foods and drinks, get adequate exercise and “personally” tailored nutritive substances into our body daily. Then we can be almost assured of a disease free life and a long one at that, baring any unfortunate accidents.

Most of us will admit though that we do not eat healthy all the time and may not understand what healthy is and do not exercise daily. We may have habits that are proven in the western medical sense to be deleterious like; smoking, drinking alcohol and overindulging in sensuous activities. Yes sexually does have a bearing on our health, physically and mentally, and longevity too. One needs to be concerned about healthy sexuality, especially after the age of forty. And this is especially true for men.