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InstructionsResearch Paper Grading Rubric ~ Click HereResearch Paper/Term Project: (Due Week 7)Term Paper:Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is an 8-12 page APA Style paper. Your paper should have at least 8-12 pages of substance not counting the cover and reference pages. Please be sure that your paper is a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the assignment section as an attachment. Students will be required to use at least three scholarly – (peer-reviewed)- sources. Students have access to peer-reviewed sources through the APUS library.Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines.I will be using the writing rubric to grade all written work during the class. Please make sure that you are using the writing rubric to use as a checklist for all your academic writing in this class and throughout your educational experience at AMU.Research Paper Grading Rubric ~ Click HereStudents must choose from one of the following topics for their paper:1. The “Blue Wall of Silence” and Police Culture2. Ethical Decision-Making Process3. Developing Ethical Leaders4. The Ethical Role of Police Subculture5. Ethics vs. Morals6. Defining Police Ethics7. Defining Ethical Leadership Practices8. The Purpose of a Code of Ethics within Police Agencies9. Police Professionalism and ResponsibilityStudents should choose one these topics and write about its relevance to police ethics. Be thinking about identifying the major talking points about your topic that are important to review. Critically assess the literature on the subject. I am looking for critical thinking and a clear indication that you have a grasp of the literature.Do not include quotes in your work.I want to see your critical thinking skills on display and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your analysis is what is needed for a successful paper. In other words, the peer-reviewed sources used in the paper should be paraphrased, cited in proper APA format and reflect critical thinking.At this point in your educational journey, you should have solid substance and proper academic formatting in your college-level writing assignments. Students will be graded on both so make sure you turn in your best work.