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  1. Suppose that the partition holding our Web server (/usr/var/www) was running low on disk space and you couldn’t delete or move any files, how would you resolve this issue? Note: for this question, I am asking you to explain how you would do it (no commands necessary).
  2.  What is the difference between the reported size of directories when using the command ls versus the command du? Explain.
  3.  What is the difference between the command df and the command du?  Provide a scenario where a system administrator would use each.
  4. Suppose you needed to install a program which had both methods available (binary and source) and that dependencies and control over the installation directories were not an issue with this particular program.  Provide and explain a pro/con for each method.
  5. Suppose you have a new killer app, which does NOT require the user to be root, which you want to make available to only some users (a specific list now, but more people may need to use it later).  How would you manage the access of the program to the selected users?

Part II: Commands (70%):

Please simply write the command(s) which performs the following tasks Debian (your VM) in as few commands as possible.  Note: If you do not indicate which shell you are using, I will assume you are using the bash shell (whether or not you are actually using this shell)

1.(30 points) Suppose you had a program that stored log files in the directory /var/log/impProgram and you were worried about the disk running out of room because of the logging requirements for that program. Additionally, the configuration files for this important program are in /etc/impProgram and you need to protect the configuration files from the rest of the computer by making them read-only and on their own read-only partition.  These two directories must be available at boot. Suppose you have a 100MB drive laying around your office which you decide to use to solve this problem.

NOTE: you will need to create the directories and insert something in them (simple text files will work), you will need to create a 100MB VirtualBox virtual disk and add it to the VM, partition it into two partitions, format them, and so on to solve the problem.  You need to list commands and instructions for interactive commands and you will need to show the outputs of the various commands including the contents of fstab and the results of df –h after rebooting when finished

2.(12 points) Create three users cutler, forte, and royal using system defaults for all three using the useradd command.  After creating the users, set their home directories to /home/bears/username  where username is their username.  Add a group named bears and add all three users to this group.

3.(6 points) Create a saints group. Change the defaults for adding users using the following defaults: base directory -> /home/neworleans, shell -> /bin/sh.  Create three users: brees, watson, and snead using the new defaults.  Change the defaults back to the original defaults.

4.(12 points) Create the football group and then create a directory for anyone in the footballgroup to share named /usr/shared/football and change its permissions so that members of the group have full access to the group. Add a member to the football group and create a link to the directory inside their home directory.

5.(4 points) Remove all users and groups created thus far and remove all of their home directories!

6.(6 points) Install the Java JDK using apt-get (you will need to use apt-cache search to search for it).