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community policing

Topic Summary:1. In no less than 200 words, describe the concepts of communitarianism, social capital, and volunteerism and explain why each is important to society in general and to policing specifically.Analysis:2. Desribe what the new “face” of the United States will be in the near future with respect to its immigrant population and the changes caused by the “graying” of America. Respond in no less than 200 words.Analysis:3. Describe the basic principles of problem-oriented policing and how it differs from incident-driven policing. Respond in no less than 150 words.Analysis:4. In no less than 200 words, describe the four steps of the S.A.R.A. process, including methods of accomplishing these steps.Analysis:5. Explain the five potential solutions to problems.Analysis:6. Describe the three potential difficulties with problem solving.Executive Decision:7. Imagine you are a precinct commander in a major metropolitan police department. Explain how you would use the problem analysis triangle to address an issue in your precinct. Be sure to include in your response a discussion of the three types of third parties that can be involved and how they can help or hinder the problem solving process. Respond in no less than 300 words.