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Companies benefit through employee loyalty

Employee Loyalty

Companies benefit through employee loyalty. Crude downsizing in the organization during the recession crushed the loyalty of millions. The economic benefits of loyalty include lower recruitment and training costs, higher productivity of workers, customer satisfaction, and the boost to the morale of fresh recruits. So that these benefits are not lost, some companies, while downsizing, try various gimmicks. Flex leave, for instance, is one. This helps employees receive 20% of their salary, plus employer-provided benefits, while they take a 6 to 12-month sabbatical, with a call option on their service. Others try alternatives like more communication, handholding and the like.


1. How would you define the broad problem in the following case for a study?

2. Replaceability is another hallmark of scientific research. Replication is made possible by a detailed description of the study’s design details, such as sampling and data collection process. What is the value of this process?



1-2 pages (for both questions)

No APA formats

Answers should make sense and solve the problem. (DO NOT PUT JUST GENERAL INFORMATION WITH 1-2 PAGES)