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Company Background and Current Stage


GNST 3050

7 August 2020

Company Outline

Sephora Company Outline

Company Background and Current Stage in Growth Lifecycle

Sub-Point A: Sephora is the number one omnichannel, beauty retailer in the world.

Sephora is the largest beauty retailer in the world, beating out other retailers such as Ulta and Nordstrom. They have strategically turned themselves into an omnichannel retailer, which provides them leverage amongst their competitors. Their state-of-the-art technology and product assortment keep them one step ahead.


Source 1:

The About Us page on the Sephora website provides a background story on who the company is and how it got to where they are. It discusses how and why Sephora is an omnichannel retailer and what platforms they use to their advantage.


Source 2:

This article provides a timeline of Sephora’s history, beginning before the company even started. It dives deeper into what makes Sephora so successful and what steps they took in order to become the beauty giant that they are today and highlights their milestones.


Sub-Point B: Sephora has many retail locations throughout the world.

Sephora can be found all around the world in countries such as Thailand, China and the United States. Not only do they have retail locations in those countries, but their e-commerce website ships out to other countries as well. They can be found at their stand alone stores or inside of JC Penney.


Source 1:

The article discusses how Sephora is planning on opening 100 more stores in North America and describes the retail layout of the stores.


Source 2:

This is the Sephora US’ website store locator. On this page, every Sephora store in North America can be found.


Sub-Point C: Sephora’s growth and profitability continue to increase year by year.

Even though Sephora does have many competitors, they stay on top of them. Each year, Sephora’s growth rate continues to increase. The company has become more and more profitable as time goes by.


Source 1:

This article shows how much Sephora grew in the year 2018 alone. It also discusses how much their sales went up.


Source 2:

This article compares Sephora and Ulta’s growth rates and profitability.

Detailed Financial Information- Microeconomics

Sub-Point A: Sephora has generated a lot of revenue and continues to see growth.

Even with the pandemic, Sephora has managed to stay on top. They continue to generate large amounts of revenue, which in turn causes the company to grow. They are also growing by expanding into new locations and opening new retail stores.

Source #1:

This article discusses how and when Sephora will be expanding into new locations.

Source #2:

This article shows Sephora’s revenue and net sales from their e-commerce website.

Sub-Point B: Sephora does not owe any debts.

Sephora has managed to stay debt free and has had to make difficult decisions to do so. Sephora has been sold in JC Penney for awhile but has decided to pull back after realizing that JC Penney was in debt. Even though they may potentially be losing out on more exposure, they have pulled back to avoid owing any debt.