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Competition Policy Across Nations

Course name: Competition Policy Across Nations

As a make up to the mid-term exam, please prepare a 30mn presentation.I am sending you below the reference papers. You are requested to prepare about 25 slides and present it in class. I suggest you start by presenting the case, main issues around competition and the court’s decision on this case.

Best of luck

Thats the point. You can find the link below, can you make a powerpoint presentation like around 20-25 slides and also can you make a presentation text for me like what i need to say what i need to mention? Or you can write everything on the slides which i need to mention and explain in the class.

​the Microsoft Antitrust Case

In the 1990s the US Gov. focused its attention on the meteoric growth of software giant Microsoft. An antitrust action was initiated. It was based on the assumption that “bundling” software with the Explored browser gave Microsoft an unfair advantage over companies that tried to sell a different browser, such as Netscape. Eventually the case was settled.