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concepts of systems and systems thinking

Activity 3.3. Do the following activity about systems thinking applied to business.

So far, you have been introduced to the concepts of systems and systems thinking. Now you will use your new knowledge to discuss your understanding of two quotes from Russ Akoff. For each quote listed below: 1) discuss your interpretation of the quote, and 2) discuss how the quote applies to a situation in your professional environment (i.e., describe a real-world example and explain how the quote applies in that scenario. You will use as the example the case of the restaurant –Activity 2.2). Be sure to discuss your examples using the systems terminology and concepts you have learned (e.g., systems, subsystems, larger systems, goals, input, output, feedback, etc.).


Akoff tells us that:

“Each part of the system can affect the behavior of the whole, but no part has an independent effect on the whole.”

“The performance of the whole is never the sum of the performance of the parts taken separately, but it’s the product of their interactions.