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Constitution Law Ashley

As the prison warden, it is my client’s duty and responsibility to manage and oversee all activities within the correctional facility to ensure the safety of staff and proper treatment of the inmates. My client stands behind his decision in locking down the prison due to a severe prison fight. This fight resulted in many injuries to his security guard’s and the death of two inmates. As the warden, he is allowed to established punishment within the prison. Punishment includes solitary confinement, removal of good behavior time, confiscation of items or transfer inmates to another prison. My client’s sole purpose in putting all inmates in solitary confinement are for protective custody measures. This is to protect inmates from each other and keep the guards safe while investigating the recent incidents per the Standard 23-5.2 Prevention and Investigation of Violence (American Bar Association, n.d.). Anyone could have been involved in this fight and not physically be in attendance for it to occur. He must consider the severity of some inmate’s criminal history and connections with the inmates that are deceased. Inmate Johnny may be on good behavior and serving his time well but the warden is not purposefully violating his Eighth Amendment rights. Every prisoner is entitled to their rights but his actions nor cruel or unusual, are merely to segregate all personnel for the protection of the facility as a whole while investigating the violent act (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). The warden ensures his inmates rights are protected under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment against discrimination of unequal treatment based on race, sex, religion, age, national origin, and creed (, 2020). However, this does not mean he does not apply appropriate punishment measures.The Prison has a zero-tolerance fight policy and when inmates break the rules, the warden must make extreme measures to protect othersrespond to this discussion question in 100 words