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 Consumer Buying Process Thesis

Prompt: First, review Chapter 9 in your text as well as the article Stages of the Consumer Buying Process and the video 7 Tips for Good Survey Questions. Next, prepare a presentation that lists and briefly explains each stage of the consumer buying process. Define the marketing strategy used within each stage of the process regarding your chosen market segment. Finally, identify which specific stages of the process will be most effective for your consumer segment.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

III. Consumer Buying Process

  1. Define the stages of the consumer buying process.
  2. Analyze a marketing strategy that can be used for each stage of the consumer buying process in regard to your chosen market segment.
  3. Determine the specific stages of the consumer buying process for which your marketing strategies can be most effective for your consumer

Using the speaker notes, provide any additional details of importance regarding the bullet points you listed on each slide to further explain the information.