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Crime & Society Case Study


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Week 2 Assig…

Hello Student…


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SOC305: Crime & Society (BLE1914A)

Week 2 Assignment

Hello Students!

I just want to clarify the purpose of the annotated bibliography that is

required for your draft week 2 assignment.

The annotated bibliography is not the same as the reference page(s).

For the draft assignment, you will include a reference page(s) for all of

the sources that you use in the draft assignment. Additionally, you will

need to include an annotated bibliography. The purpose of the

annotated bibliography is to let me know what sources you will use for

the final paper.

Furthermore, the draft assignment will need to be 3-5 pages in length.

This does not include the title page, the abstract page, the reference

page, or the annotate bibliography. Typically an annotate bibliography

is about 2 pages in length. For each source that you plan on using you

will need to describe in a couple of sentences how the source helps

support or refute the social issue that you selected to write about.

Thus, the draft assignment will be 7-9 pages in total.

I hope this helps clarify the assignment.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. A

 

April 8, 2019 at