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Diversity and race have been a key topic of discussion and debate in the field of criminal justice.Imagine this scenario: You are a city official for your local community, and you have been chosen to work with the summer criminal justice internship program. This program has different activities for the interns to engage in, and you have been asked to lead the diversity portion. For each week of the program, you will research and share information on race, ethnicity, and crime based on the local area. For the 1st week, you will discuss aspects of race, ethnicity, and criminal justice.Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you:Define the following terms: race, minority, and inclusion.Differentiate between prejudice, discrimination, and implicit bias.Provide 1 example of each of the following in a criminal justice setting: prejudice, discrimination, and implicit bias.Summarize 1 current event or news story related to diversity in criminal justice. For example, the subject matter could be about someone being arrested, someone on trial, or a local agency doing something to strengthen diversity in the agency.Explain the importance of diversity in criminal justice roles.Cite at least 1 academic source to support your assignment.Format your paper according to APA guidelines.