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critical infrastructure protection

critical infrastructure protection

There are 3 parts to this assignment.

Part 1

You have been asked to present at a conference on homeland security (HLS), critical infrastructure protection, and technology-based solutions. Pick a success story of one program over another (from the examples below or from your own research).

  • Competing computer manufacturers
  • Competing search engines
  • Competing social media sites
  • NASA Apollo versus NASA Shuttle
  • NASA versus a competing space organization
    Include the following in your presentation:
  • Briefly summarize a previous HLS-related problem or issue and associated technological solution.
  • Describe the program and source of success that you picked.
  • Explain why these programs succeeded where others failed that were better resourced.
  • Cite a plausible counterexample if there is one.
  • Address what attributes government and private industry might share in their failures.
  • Supply a brief conclusion about what you can learn from this story.
    Support your arguments with authoritative sources, and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.
    Part 2
    Can technology solve all of the problems? Craft a thought piece for a cyber conference of technology experts. Include your thoughts on the following:
  • The physical, legal, and ethical boundaries of technology
  • The possibility of achieving results without technology
  • The advantages and disadvantages of technology (i.e., unintended consequences)
    • Does the end justify the means?
  • When technology should be paramount, and when should it be sidelined
  • What society should truly expect from the future
    Support your arguments with authoritative sources, and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.
    Part 3
    Key Assignment Draft
    For the assignment, you will be drafting a report summarizing the role of technology in society and assessing the efforts of the United States to harness it to reduce the threat of terrorism.
    The paper will focus on the following:
  • Consideration of strategic, operational, and tactical uses of technology
  • Consideration of ethics and privacy in the employment of technology
  • Identification and assessment of alternative policies to address a HLS technology challenge
  • Respective roles of the public and private sectors in developing, employing, and funding HLS technologies
    Your paper will conclude with recommendations to the President of the United States on the following:
  • Should the United States stay on the current course of technological investment? Explain your answer.
  • Should the United States increase its technological investment? If so, how?
  • Should the United States abandon current development in favor of an alternative strategy? If so, what strategy would you propose?
    Support your arguments with authoritative sources and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.