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cultural diversity of the staff

Feedback Responses

What is the cultural diversity of the staff at your site? Is it heterogeneous or homogeneous? Is there an overall culture of the site? Explain your answer.

The staff at my practicum site is very culturally diverse on every level. I would say that there is an equal balance between males and females. The easiest way to break it down is as follows:

· Executive Director- Caucasian male in mid-50s

· Director- male (Asian descent) in the mid-50s

· Psychiatrists- Male and female Caucasians in the mid-50s

· Clinical Supervisor- Female (Latina decent) in the mid-50s

· Marriage and Family Therapists- African American and Caucasian (both male and female) in the mid-late 40s

· Substance Abuse counselors- African American and Caucasian (males) in the mid-40s

· Interns- African, Caucasian, Latina descent, Haitian (ranging from the late 20s to mid-late 40s)

· Secretaries and other office staff are all females of Latina decent

The overall culture of the site is that of a family environment in which we all understand and try to help one another out (whether its sharing techniques that may work with a particular client or doing an intake for someone cause they are busy) in order to implement the program’s vision and mission of helping residents of inner cities improve the quality of their lives to reflect individual God-given dignity and personal achievement. I see the diversity of the staff as a reflection of the population we provide a service to.

As one of 2 African American substance abuse counselors at the site, clients have told me, that it was refreshing to see someone that looks like them, trying to help them in their recovery. In addition, the counselors that are of Latina descent are able to provide bilingual counseling for those with English as their second language. Regardless of our different backgrounds and ages, we are all reminded when we walk into the office to “Do not work harder than the client.” When I started, I thought it was a joke but as the weeks have passed and I see how an individual or group can have its ups and downs I understand more clearly why those words are written on the wall in the break room.