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current market industry thesis

In the current market industry, there have been significant strides by big retailers and

wholesalers in the area of marketing. This is because while a business may be equipped to

effectively serve any given market, it is only through the marketing approaches used that the said

business can stay competitive. Based on the fact that there has been a continuous development of

social media platforms, there have to be new and better ways that retail businesses can use to

stay trendy and maintain significance in the sense of whether people are talking about them or

not. A retailer in the fashion industry would mostly stand to gain in this aspect since marketing

done on such platforms can target specific community segments, which is very important in such

a business.

Influencers are those people whose opinions are highly sorted out by people in the sense

of what they wear or what they eat. Such people will tend to have a kind of appeal centered on

what is new and what works. For this reason, most retailers have paid such individuals to post

their products on their social media platforms. Since this has been the case for most businesses,

there is the need to go an extra mile in the said marketing approach, and this is done through the

new trend of organizing influencer meet-ups where the influencers show up adorned in clothes

made by different brands (Li et al. 2021). This trend fills the gap of staying relevant to the public

since these shows have live coverage by the influencers themselves. Therefore, by showing up

with the retailer’s design, the influencers build up enough excitement from the public to a

position where the retailer can target newer markets without the limitation of boundaries.



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The new trend would benefit customers since they would be able to choose the fashion

they want to be associated with based on what the influencer they have a liking to is wearing. In

most cases, many people follow influencers because of the idea that these people have aspects

that they would like to have, such as clothing or even their bodies. Therefore, based on this idea,

it would be logical to expect that the approach would inspire more purchases as things would be

judged based on how good the clothes being presented are and how cool the influencers think

they are. The retailer in such a capacity would be the one who stands to gain the most benefit

since one such event could put their products on the forefront of the desired commodities by


The idea of using social media as a marketing strategy removes the limitation of

geographical location. Social media platforms are worldwide, meaning people will have access

to the idea of the existence of the product from different parts of the world as long as they have

access to the said platforms. For instance, Instagram can be used on a global scale because it is

widely used by many users in different parts of the world. Additionally, it is worth mentioning

that influencers will not necessarily cause an effect on people from their own countries alone. In

most cases, one influencer will have fans from different countries and continents, and it is based

on this concept, the retailer should capitalize on their approach. Finally, it is worth considering

that the trend also fills the gap of ensuring a specific target audience during marketing and

advertisement (Arrigo, 2018). This is because before the retailer can decide on using influencers

whose message directly applies to their product. For example, in the case of religion, the best

influencer would be one who has followers due to their stand on the same.