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D’AngeloIn the incident involving Officers D’Angelo and Kirkham (from the Reading Assignment), do you feel either officer acted improperly? Give reasons to justify your answer.Slippery SlopeDefine the term “slippery slope.” Describe how it applies to the law-enforcement arena. Give three examples of the slippery slope. Does it lead to a pathway to corruption, and if so, how? Lastly, what can departments do to impede the start of the slippery slope within their organizations?Topic 1: Trace EvidenceTrace Evidence can be small or large in size.  Present an example of both small and large trace evidence and describe how you would collect them. Please be sure to present evidence that is different than your classmates’.Topic 2: Specialized PersonnelThere are many special duties that a crime scene technician can do at a crime scene. Discuss some of the different roles and functions of a crime scene technician during an investigation. A specialized person/unit may also be called out. Provide one example of when a specialized person/unit can be called out, being sure not to duplicate a classmates’ answer.Apa StyleInclude Reference