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Description Explanation and Activity

Beyond Description Explanation and Activity

Geog 1110



Beyond Description Activity

• The Beyond Description activity goes as follows: • Read the article

• Pre-presentation writing prompt

• Go through the presentation

• Post-presentation writing prompt



Beyond Description Activity

• In a word document, write to the following prompt…

• Write one to three paragraphs explaining what this article meant to you • What you gained from it

• What parts were interesting

• Why it was/was not important



Beyond Description by Peirce Lewis

• The basics • Peirce Lewis was a geographer at Penn State University

• He is currently an emeritus professor there (retired, alive)

• His research interests were • the American landscape

• Historical geography of American culture

• This article was his presidential address given in 1985 at the end of his one year term as the president of the Association of American Geographers (AAG)



Geography and the American public • The idea that geography is just

knowing place names on a map • “…while the public thinks

geography is an important subject, they know very little about geography as an academic or professional field” (p.466)



Geography and the American public

• Geographic illiteracy • Are you geographically illiterate?

• What you help you become geographically literate?



Geography and a passion for the Earth

• Good description of the Earth is often what drives people to be interested in geography in the first place

• Cartophilia = a love of maps • Topophilia = passion for the Earth

• Examples of exploring his dad’s maps of Ohio and his time on the Lake Michigan sand dunes

• Have you thought of geography this way before? • The human connection of it…



Geography and a passion for the Earth