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desirable traits

Defining the Problem and Setting Objectives:

Refine and pose a reasonably complex problem definition along with a set of objectives (elements that you want to exist in your solution).  Do not go beyond the objectives stage. The problem you choose to write about should be different from the examples in the textbook. While the examples provided in the Smart Choices text relate to personal situations, you are encouraged to select a business or managerial problem for this assignment.


Remember: Objectives are the desirable traits of a potential solution. They are not alternatives and they are not action steps. This can be tricky, so think carefully and evaluate your list!


1. Provide your view and just enough background detail to allow the reader to understand the problem and objectives.

2. The length should be between 550 and 800 words (excluding the title page and references). Assignments under 550 words will attract penalties.

3. Formal writing is required using APA.

4. Copied input, quotations, and paraphrasing require citations and references conforming to APA 6th edition standards to avoid the dire consequences of plagiarism and cheating. Formal research is not required.