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Developing Your Personal Ethics

Module Assignment 1 (100 points)


This assignment asks you to reflect and write about yourself. The one point = 1 quality sentence may not work here as I’m looking for more discussion on Part One.


Name: _________________________________________


PART ONE: Developing Your Personal Ethics Statement – The Foundation (18 points).



THE PURPOSE of this assignment is to get to a personal ethics statement which is different from a personal work statement. You are exploring what you value and what helps you determine when an action is right or wrong. You are also trying to get to a statement that will guide you when you are faced with a hard decision of what is the right or wrong thing to do. For example, a statement of “I believe in hard work” if more of a work ethic statement but not an ethics statement. If a person is stealing at work, how does “I believe in hard work,” guide me as to what to do?


A. Describe yourself.  What are you about?  What do you like to do?  How would a friend describe you to someone else?





B. What do you believe or value?  List the FIVE most important values or beliefs you have for your life and explain what you mean when you list that value. These are the things most important to you (health, happiness, security, family, faith, challenge, courage, truth, harmony, growth, risk, etc.). If you took Lead 3010 last semester, we did a values exercise. Revisit those values to see if they are still your five most important values. LIST AND EXPLAIN.









C. How do you determine what the right thing is to do at work when faced with an ethical situation?





D. Think about the moral philosophies in this module (right’s view, utilitarian view, fairness/justice view, relativist view and values view). When you find yourself saying to others, that something is not right – which philosophy do you most often use? Give an example.




E. How do you want others to describe you in the work place? This will also give more information about what you believe is important to you.


PART TWO: Your Personal Ethics Statement (9 points).